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Gender Pay Gap Data 2017-2018

Luceco have now conducted its analysis required by the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, the results of which are published below.

I can confirm that the published data is accurate and is in accordance with the Act.

Like many other employers, our data shows a gender pay gap which is a consequence of a difference in the distribution of roles between the genders. The largest single reason for the distribution difference is a higher proportion of men in senior positions.

I take this matter very seriously. I am committed to ensuring Luceco remains an employer of choice for the entire working population with equal opportunities for all to achieve their career aspirations within our company and as a result we have a number of plans in place to reduce the size of the gap over the coming year.

John Hornby

1. Difference in hourly rate of pay – mean: 38%

2. Difference in hourly rate of pay – median: 29%

3. Difference in bonus pay – mean: 53%

4. Difference in bonus pay – median: -83%

5. Percentage of employees who received bonus pay

Male: 63%

Female: 60%

6. Employees by pay quartile

Upper Quartile Male: 90%

Upper Quartile Female: 10%

Upper Middle Quartile Male: 70%

Upper Middle Quartile Female: 30%

Lower Middle Quartile Male: 57%

Lower Middle Quartile Female: 43%

Lower Quartile Male: 64%

Lower Quartile Female: 36%


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