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NHS Foundation Trust

Luceco brightens Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

Luceco has worked with Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust to relight areas of Wexham Park Hospital located in Berkshire. The hospital was built on the site of a Victorian mansion known as Wexham Park; the design led to an award from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

After an exhaustive selection process, Luceco was engaged to provide a detailed survey for Wexham Park and Frimley Park Hospitals becoming a key supplier to Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, which covers Wexham Park, Frimley Park and Heatherwood Hospitals.

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust is one of the top-performing NHS trusts in the United Kingdom. As well as achieving much medical success, pioneering energy efficiency and cost-effective operation are also high on the agenda for the Trust. Wexham Park Hospital now enjoys the energy-saving efficiencies of LED lighting, a more pleasing lit environment and a saving of over 66% on return on their investment through the use of modern lighting technology.  Luceco is pleased to be a small but enlightening part of Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust’s continued success.

As well as providing emergency, trauma, coronary care, maternity services and orthopaedic surgery, Wexham Park Hospital is home to a renowned plastic surgery unit with a wealth of history. Founded by pioneering British plastic surgeon Stewart Harrison, it rapidly became known as a major UK centre of excellence.

In addition to corridors and circulation areas, departments relit included specialist facilities such as renal, prenatal, elderly and ambulatory care units, ED Minors, AMU and Endoscopy all of which are constant demand locations.

LED LuxPanels from Luceco were the principle luminaires utilised due to their energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, quick and easy to install with remote ‘plug and play’ drivers. Nigel Ford, Project Manager from Luceco said: “The lighting design, supply and installation of the LED luminaire retrofit refurbishment required precision planning and contractors had to work within limited timeframes, to ensure minimal disruption to patients and medical personnel”.

He continued, “In many areas, we had to work with the existing suspended ceiling grid which involved the fabrication of custom luminaire fixing brackets to ensure the speed of installation could be maintained and the retrofit programme was not delayed due to issues on-site”

LuxPanel luminaires were also installed in administration spaces such education centres lecture theatres, pharmacy care, libraries and medical records, all benefiting from non-obtrusive but effective lighting in high traffic areas whilst still offering improved glare control. Available in fixed output, dimmable and emergency options with no maintenance or re-lamping requirements over their lifetime, LuxPanel eliminates the need for access equipment normally required for lamp maintenance, as well as benefitting the environment in terms of energy efficiency and lamp disposal.

Further circulation areas to benefit from the LED lighting refurbishment included corridors and consultancy rooms lit with the Academy luminaire. Academy is as an ideal replacement for linear fluorescent fittings and as with LuxPanel, offers over 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, with no re-lamping requirement so is the perfect replacement for traditional fluorescent fittings.

Academy benefits from an opal prism diffuser with a secured screw end cap and can be surface mounted or suspended. It also has a central cable entry with BESA fixings spaced at 600mm, so are ideal for retrofitting traditional fluorescent lamped fittings in healthcare environments. As with LuxPanel, Academy is ideal for use with sensors and lighting controls including LiteIP to further improve energy efficiency and has dimmable and emergency options available. LiteIP is an intelligent wireless lighting system requiring no complicated electrical installation and no limit to the number of luminaires that can be controlled and is compatible with all driver types including DSI, DALI and 1-10 V.  Other features include presence and daylight detection, energy monitoring and reporting.

Client: Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

Location: Berkshire, UK

Date: October 2019

Featured Products: LuxPanel Edgelit Extra, LuxPanel Extra, LuxPanel Backlit, Academy Linear