Guardian Pro

LFP50B140F LFP50B140F LFP50B140F
LFP100B140F LFP100B140F LFP100B140F
LFPL100B140F LFPL100B140F LFPL100B140F
LFP160B140F LFP160B140F LFP160B140F
LFPL160B140F LFPL160B140F LFPL160B140F
LFP230B140F LFP230B140F
LFPL230B140F LFPL230B140F
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Guardian Pro

Guardian Pro
Guardian Pro
part no description luminaire lumens wattage luminaire efficacy
LFP50B140F Standard Driver 5,200 50W 105Llm/W
LFPL50B140F Integrated Photocell 5,200 50W 105Llm/W
LFP100B140F Standard Driver 10,500 100W 105Llm/W
LFPL100B140F Integrated Photocell 10,500 100W 105Llm/W
LFP160B140F Standard Driver 16,000 155W 105Llm/W
LFPL160B140F Integrated Photocell 16,000 155W 105Llm/W
LFP230B140F Standard Driver 23,000 220W 105Llm/W
LFPL230B140F Integrated Photocell 23,000 220W 105Llm/W
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Product Features

  • Horizontal mounting floodlight
  • Maintenance free
  • Pre-wired 1m of H05RN-F rubber cable
  • 'Fit and tilt' bracket for simple installation
  • Tilt adjustment locks
  • Alternative symmetric beam angle also available

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Technical Data

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