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Introducing FType Downlight Family

Introducing Luceco Lighting's revolutionary new family of FType fire-rated downlights

Shyel Stark, Senior Product Manager at Luceco Lighting, part of Luceco Group, introduces the new FType family of LED fire-rated downlights, which are set to develop new trends for contractors and the downlight market.

FType Essence, FType Mk2 and FType Ultra. These cutting-edge downlights are designed and engineered in the UK to set a new standard of lighting performance and functionality, with the latest advancements in LED technology. Luceco Lighting is proud to be the first to market with what will become new, trend-setting, innovative features, including the new Dim2Warm CCT, QuickView Cable Window, and the Easy Access ClipFit connector.

Download the brochure here.

At the core of every product in the FType family lies a set of standard features that immediately levels up this range.

  1. QuickView Cable Window: This feature enables easy inspection of wire connections, even after cables are secured in place. This provides the contractor with added safety and reassurance that the connection is secure.
  2. Trade-rated toolless SpeedFit Connector: Say goodbye to complicated installations. Innovative loop-in/out piano key terminals allow effortless connection with both solid and stranded cables, minimising installation time.
  3. Super slim flat or regressed removable bezels: Compared to many competitors, the new FType boasts a super slim bezel design, offering a refined and discreet finish, that seamlessly blends into ceilings and complements any interior décor.

Dim2Warm CCT and 4CCT Colour Change

Completely new to the global lighting market, Dim2Warm CCT versions are colour selectable via a switch between 3000K and 4000K. However, unlike any other, when set to 3000K and installed on a dimmer switch, Dim2Warm mode is unlocked. Dim2Warm technology allows the downlight to adjust to a warmer colour temperature output when dimmed, creating that cosy, ambient effect delivered by filament and halogen, but lost with LED technology.

Alternatively, opt for the 4 colour CCT version, which offers a choice of 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 6000K with a flick of a switch, enabling rooms to be fully customised based on lighting preferences and preferred colour temperature.

FType Essence

If the project budget is a priority, FType Essence is the perfect choice for fire-rated LED downlights. These low-profile downlights strike the ideal balance between functionality, design, and performance. With LENLEN terminals and trade-rated SpeedFit housing design, installation becomes a breeze and upgrading to downlights becomes affordable. Available in 3000K or 4000K light outputs and a range of bezel colours, Essence downlights deliver maximum performance at a cost-effective price, making them ideal for any application, including bathrooms and shallow ceiling voids. And with a 3-year warranty, you can trust in their quality and durability. Find out more about FType Essence.

FType Mk2

The Mk2 range includes all the exceptional features of Essence and adds even more value to your lighting experience. FType Mk2 incorporates only the very latest technology and designs, ensuring market-leading performance and truly innovative lighting features. Power selectable functionality between 4W and 6W is standard, which allows lighting spaces to be customised based on the end user’s needs. Choose between the new-to-market Dim2Warm CCT and 4Colour CCT versions. These downlights are perfect for all applications, including bathrooms, and they come with a confidence-inspiring 5-year warranty. Find out more about FType MK2.

FType Ultra

Designed for and with contractors in mind, the low-profile FType Ultra range represents the pinnacle of downlight technology. Not only do they incorporate all the features and benefits of the Mk2 range, but they are also available in both the Dim2Warm and 4Colour CCT options and include the new, ground-breaking Easy Access ClipFit connector.

With its patent-pending design, the Easy Access ClipFit connector is designed to facilitate and revolutionise easy installation, by providing 360-degree access for wiring cables., Say goodbye to bending and fiddling with cables around outer housings, with the removable VDE-approved terminal block. Ideal for stiff cables, simply wire directly to the terminal connector and push-fit into the housing before clamping cables shut. The connector also features the QuickView Cable Window for easy inspection and a VDE-certified terminal block, compatible with 18th edition 500V insulation resistance testing and comes with an impressive 7-year warranty. Find out more about FType Ultra.

  • Shyel Stark, LED Product Manager at Luceco, introduces Luceco Lighting's new FType family of LED fire-rated downlights.
  • The FType family includes FType Essence, FType Mk2, and FType Ultra, designed with latest LED technology for superior performance
  • Trade-rated toolless SpeedFit Connector simplifies installations with piano key terminals.
  • Innovative new features include QuickView Cable Window for secure connections and easy inspection.
  • FType Essence offers cost-effective fire-rated LED downlights with 3000K or 4000K light outputs, 30/60/90 minute fire rating and i-joist certified along with a 3-year warranty.
  • FType Mk2 adds power selectability and features Dim2Warm CCT and 4CCT Colour Change options.
  • FType Ultra is designed specifically for contractors combining all the premium features of the MK2 with a fully separable VDE certified, 500V connector block, providing complete 360-degree access to the terminals saving installation time and allowing installers to comprehensively test all installations without hassle.