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Wireless lighting controls, but not as you know them

Luceco Lighting announces partnership with Silvair and introduces Luceco Platform Wireless Lighting Controls

Luceco Lighting announces partnership with Silvair and introduces Luceco Platform Wireless Lighting Controls

Luceco Lighting, part of the Luceco Group, a leading manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting, EV charging, and electrical solutions has announced an exciting strategic partnership with Silvair, a pioneer in wireless lighting control technology.

This partnership brings about the introduction of Luceco Platform, a new range of tools for lighting system commissioning. Based on the advanced technology developed by Silvair, Luceco Platform ensures rapid and straightforward lighting commissioning, radically enhancing user convenience and operational efficiency.

Luceco Platform aligns seamlessly with Luceco's core sustainability commitment to reducing their own, and their customers' carbon footprint. Recognising the crucial role of energy efficiency in protecting our environment, Luceco Platform incorporates an innovative energy monitoring feature. This tool allows users to keep a close eye on energy consumption, making it much simpler to monitor and manage resources responsibly and effectively.

"The Group shares this goal of a collective journey towards sustainability and is committed to reaching our carbon neutral targets, and those of our customers," said Russell Joseph, National Technical Sales Manager - Lighting Controls at Luceco.

"Our partnership with Silvair and the launch of Luceco Platform epitomises this commitment. Together, we are not only making lighting commissioning simpler and faster, but also supporting our customers in reducing their carbon footprint, through meticulous energy monitoring and reductions."

Now available to download from the App Store, Luceco Platform offers users an intuitive interface for managing and monitoring a wide range of Luceco Platform products. Designed with a user-friendly interface and advanced functionality in mind, it allows for seamless integration with the existing Luceco Lighting portfolio.

  • Luceco has partnered with Silvair for their Platform Wireless Lighting Control range
  • Our aim is to help customers reduce their carbon footprint by simplifying lighting controls and increasing energy savings
  • Focusing on sustainability, energy consumption and energy monitoring for greater control over your lighting
  • Luceco Platform app offers an intuitive interface, easy setup, features and controls, and seamless integration with existing Luceco Lighting products
  • The Luceco Platform app now available for download from the App Store

Luceco Platform Lighting Controls

Luceco Platform transforms existing lighting installations and creates a simple and efficient wireless communication system. Simple operation of the system provides various lighting control options including, dimming, scene-setting, presence, and daylight control, all helping to reduce energy consumption and operating costs, whilst creating a comfortable lit environment.

Designed as a retrofit solution, Platform enables you to update individual offices, corridors, conference rooms or open-plan offices, for example, up to the latest state of digitalisation. Renovating old/traditional lighting systems quickly, cost-efficiently, and easily.

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About Silvair

Silvair is a leading provider of advanced lighting control technology. With a focus on creating intuitive, efficient solutions, Silvair empowers businesses and individuals to create sustainable and smart lighting environments.