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Fits into existing fittings

No need to replace your fittings; just install your new LED lamps and start saving money. Designed to mimic and replicate traditional filament incandescent lamps, using a fraction of the electrical energy.

Benefit from LED

Very low energy consumption, long life, and no UV or IR radiation, Instant 100 % light, no warm-up time.

Superior Technology

Now available in dimmable and non-dimmable without separate driver base – maximising illumination beam angle and aesthetics.

Replace one at a time

Full range of colour temperatures and base caps. LED lamps can be combined with fluorescent or tungsten filament lamps, allowing gradual replacement over a period of time.

Egde2Edge Lens

Our multifaceted EDGE2EDGE lens replicates the look of halogen lamps with a near edgeless design.

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Available for GU10 and A60 E27/B22 lamps, dim the colour temperature from 2700K to 2200K white for a cosy, warm atmosphere.

New Features & Products

Upgraded Driver Technology

Ongoing engineering and development sees the latest RC, RCC & IC Driver technology being used in all our lamps.

Glass GU10

Don't sacrifice looks. Classic traditional glass dichroic appearance with all the advantages and energy savings of LED technology. Perfect for retrofit and decorative installations.

Dimmable Filaments

With the filament driver cleanly hidden in the base, the light and visual output are unobstructed. Our filament lamps are designed to mimic the look of traditional lamps, while providing excellent efficacy and offering a variety of colour temperatures.

Clear distinction

The new, extensive range of Luceco LED lamps includes a clear distinction between high-spec professional and performance products.

Technology & Development

Dim 2 Warm

Our new Dim2Warm range incorporates the latest LED technology and circuitry design to truly mimic the warm glow effect of halogen. Now you can easily adjust the atmosphere and colour temperature of spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms to achieve a warm cosy feel by simply adjusting the existing dimmer switch – 2200K to 2700K.

A60 PowerLite

Featuring advanced power storage capacitors PowerLite provides up to 2 hours of background illumination during a power outage providing enough time to find candles or torches until power is restored. In normal operation, a powerful 810lm is output from the lamp across a wide beam angle.

90% energy saving vs Halogen

Luceco LED lamps offer a 90% energy saving over halogen lamps to produce the equivalent lighting effect.

10 x Lifetime vs Halogen

Luceco LED lamps last up to ten times longer than their halogen equivalents.

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