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Commercial Recessed
Recessed LED lighting ideal for commercial applications
Surface and Suspended
Wide range of LED Surface & Suspended lighting
Wide range suitable for all applications
LED Downlights perfect for domestic residential & commercial applications
Tracks and Spots
Accent lighting range ideal for retail applications
Life-saving emergency escape lighting for all applications
Robust & durable LED lighting range for the toughest applications
Exterior Commercial
Premium LED lighting suitable for wall and column mounting
Exterior Domestic
Wide range of external residential lighting
Site and Inspection
Profresional 110V Site and Inspection Lighting
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Lighting Controls
Presence and Daylight sensors
Lamps and Tubes
Range of domestic lamps and light bulbs
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Commercial Office
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Ancillary Areas
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Site Lighting
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External and Floodlighting
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Street and Area Lighting
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Lighting Control Systems


Commercial Lighting Management Solutions

Lighting controls can often seem a daunting prospect with the emergence of convoluted control systems and ever-evolving terminology. With multiple platforms available it can become perplexing to the client who has a clear goal in mind. Here at Luceco, we understand the importance of allowing the end user to control their own space. Whether a small office, or multiple estates, we can provide a lighting control solution.

Benefits include;

  • Automating the operation of lighting
  • Providing the right amount of light for the right application
  • Ability to alter atmosphere/mood and reducing glare improving productivity
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Saving money

Luceco Platform


From Conventional to Intelligent

Luceco Platform transforms existing lighting installations and creates a simple and efficient wireless communication system. Simple operation of the system provides various lighting control options including, dimming, scene-setting, presence, and daylight control, all helping to reduce energy consumption and operating costs, whilst creating a comfortable lit environment.

Designed as a retrofit solution, Platform enables you to update individual offices, corridors, conference rooms or open-plan offices, for example, up to the latest state of digitalisation. Renovating old/traditional lighting systems quickly, cost-efficiently, and easily.

Luceco Elevate


From Intelligent to Extraordinary

Luceco Elevate offers wireless controlled lighting solutions, giving the client a function rich system, including energy and emergency lighting reports, asset tracking, as well as the primary functions of dimming, scene setting, presence and daylight control. Elevate is a simple, yet powerful & intuitive Plug & Play system.

Elevate offers the ability to connect up to 10,000 assets in one network with exceptional levels of security via a unique network protocol as well as remote monitoring of emergency modules and the option to schedule function and duration tests. Full wireless emergency reporting ensures compliance with building regulations without having to manually check the emergency status of each fitting.

Luceco Wired


Active Wiring Centre

Active Wiring Centre delivers a simple means of connecting up to 12 DALI luminaires and two DALI sensors, minimising the need for installation wiring and eliminating common wiring errors. The unit provides mains power from a single input connection to power up to 12 light luminaires, up to a maximum total load of 16A. A separate terminal is provided for connection of a maintained live-to-feed self-contained emergency light luminaires.

Lighting Controls Made Easy


The control of Light is essential to our well-being, work, productivity, and leisure time. With increasing pressure for buildings to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient, LED luminaire technology coupled with lighting controls can help save up to 80% on energy consumption and ensure spaces are lit appropriately to provide safety, security and comfort using scene setting, presence detection and daylight dimming controls.

As lighting controls become standard in many new installations, Luceco has also provided solutions for refurbishments in existing infrastructure.

Luceco Platform - Offering simple and cost-effective interoperable wireless control

Luceco Elevate - Feature rich reporting suite, asset tracking, wireless emergency, integration with BMS

Luceco Wired - Modular single channel DALI for building-wide networked solutions

Detection & Settings


Absence Detection - Lighting is manually activated via a switch, then automatically deactivated when a sensor fails to detect presence

Daylight Dimming - Lighting is automatically dimmed in response to incoming daylight detected via a sensor

Graduated Dimming - The ability for a system to use a single sensor to control multiple fittings and control the light output of each fitting separately via an algorithm

Scene Setting - Lighting can be adjusted to preset levels via a switch

Monitoring & Reports


Luminaire Integration - Sensors can be installed directly into a luminaire to achieve granular levels of control

Batten Mount - A sensor within a housing designed to be installed into the end of a fitting via a knockout

Energy Reporting - A system's ability to collect and display energy consumption data from a light fitting via a Graphical User Interface. In a wireless system, this functionality must be wirelessly accessible.

Emergency Reporting (DALI) - Interrogation of an emergency fitting by a system to collect data about its status and display it via a Graphical User Interface. The system must also be able to schedule and instruct function tests. In a wireless system, this functionality must be wirelessly accessible.

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