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Cost saving and Energy reduction

ElectricityTypical reduction in power consumption and CO2 emissions of over 50%, in turn reducing energy bills

MaintenanceSignificantly reduced maintenance requirements, (i.e. no replacement lamps)

DisposalNo expensive disposal costs due to hazardous materials (as per current fluorescent lamps)

Air ConditioningVastly lowered heat emissions benefitting areas heavily reliant on air conditioning

AestheticsLuxPanel is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional fluorescent lighting, providing well-lit working environments

Quick and easy installation

The LuxPanel range consists of a wide selection of differently sized LED flat panels that can also be suspended or surface mounted.

All LuxPanels are supplied with plug-and-play remote control gear and are available with standard fixed output, dimmable and maintained three hour duration emergency control drivers.

LuxPanelTM Warranty

Luceco are able to offer the following guarantees by only using components from industry-leading suppliers, with whom we have built strong relationships:


5 year extended LuxPanel guarantees (3 year as standard) when your installation is registered online


Register your installation online to qualify

On-Site Warranty

One year on-site warranty for LuxPanels

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Cost Savings Calculator

Find out how much you could save by switching to LuxPanels with our comprehensive cost savings calculator.

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