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The Professional's Choice

The Luceco Work Light and Inspection Torch family caters to professionals with its durable design and high-performance features. Crafted for challenging conditions, these lights boast robust construction and cutting-edge LED technology for unparalleled brightness.

Whether wired or rechargeable, they offer versatility for any application, ensuring continuous illumination in construction sites and industrial settings. Luceco Inspection Lights redefine illumination standards with advanced features, providing unmatched brightness for professionals across various industries, making them the top choice for reliable performance

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Single-source LED chip and frosted lens work together to eliminate multi-shadows, using latest LED technology and Smart electronics to guarantee consistent, fade-resistant light output, delivering unrivalled performance.

Our Rechargeable Work Lights and Inspection Torches redefine performance. With a built-in power bank feature, they offer illumination beyond expectations, ensuring a superior and enduring battery life.

Trust our Inspection Torches and Work Lights for reliability in any task. Crafted with robust materials, they are built to endure the most demanding conditions—uncompromising in quality and performance.

We're committed to continual product development, ensuring our Inspection Torches and Work Lights set the standard for innovation, quality, and reliability.

Choose from battery or wired models with versatile power options. Our sustainable, economical, and eco-friendly rechargeable solution adapts to your needs, embodying continuous improvement in every aspect.

Titan Telescopic Tripod

Luceco's Titan telescopic tripod work light provides three lighting modes from 520lm to 2000lm. Adaptable for various work tasks, it's extendable, up to 1.6m in height and its adjustable head tailors the light to meet specific needs. USB-C charging with cable included ensures hassle free charging.

Herculous Open Area

Durable 66W open-area LED work light, aluminium die-cast construction ideal for rough conditions, boasting 7150 lumens

Inspection Torch Family

Offering a durable selection of LED inspection lights delivering high-performance LED efficiency, providing versatile solutions for the most arduous conditions. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Tailored Brilliance for Every Task

From tilting, tilt-and-twist, PIR motion sensor head torches and UV light features, our range of rechargeable torches offers a tailored solution for every need. Whether you're an automotive technician, an electrician, or a DIY enthusiast, Luceco Inspection Lights prove to be indispensable, effortlessly meeting the unique demands of each user.

Advanced LED Optics

Advanced LED optics ensures a crisp and clear beam, allowing professionals to focus on the task at hand without any compromises. Single-source LED chip and frosted lens work together to eliminate multi-shadows Whether you're inspecting intricate components or navigating tight spaces, the advanced LED optics of Luceco lights guarantee optimal visibility.

Unmatched Precision and Efficiency

Utilising latest in LED technology, our products deliver peak performance, ensuring clarity and precision in any environment. Premium features also include lightning-fast USB-C charging, ensuring minimal downtime, and smart electronics to guarantee consistent light output over time, achieving maximum lumens for extended tasks without compromising battery life.

Precision in Every Situation

Providing both wired and rechargeable battery-powered options giving you maximum flexibility and a solution for every situation. With easily transportable and compact designs, the Luceco Work Lights are crafted with precision and robust construction, these work lights are engineered to endure diverse and challenging conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.

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