Case Studies
Case Studies

Luceco LED luminaire refit at The Northern & Shell Building

09 April 2019
  • Contour

Luceco has supplied LED lighting to the iconic Northern & Shell building located at 10 Lower Thames Street, London.

Luceco Lights the Edinburgh College Estate

11 March 2019
  • LuxPanel

Luceco partners with McCann Electrical and Ameresco to relight the Edinburgh College Estate

Luceco provides the perfect Car Parking Lighting

03 January 2019
  • Climate

Luceco has recently refurbished The International Centre's parking facilities' lighting

Luceco puts Racing Heroes in the Spotlight!

03 January 2019
  • fortis

Luceco's Fortis helps light horse racing charity

St Enodoc Golf Club

02 November 2018
  • Celeste

Luceco has recently refurbished St Enodoc Golf Club's lighting

Harris Academy Merton

01 November 2018
  • Luxpanel

Luceco has recently refurbished Harris Academy Merton's lighting

Oman Cable Company

29 October 2018
  • Eris

Luceco has recently refurbished the Oman Cable Company's lighting

Hackney Learning Trust

09 October 2018
  • Academy, Luxpanels

Luceco has recently refurbished the Hackney Learning Trust's lighting

Refurbishing the University of Chester

24 September 2018
  • academy, titan

Luceco has recently refurbished the University of Chester's lighting

Al Jazira Club

18 June 2018
  • atlas

Luceco has recently relit the public areas of the Al Jazira Club, a football club from Abu Dhabi.

Abdul Razzak Al Basir Secondary School

24 May 2018

Luceco has recently supplied Abdul Razzak Al Basir Secondary School in Rumaithiya province in Kuwait.

Ark Byron Primary Academy

18 April 2018

Luceco and Rawfield Electrical Contractors have completed the installation of 400 energy saving LED luminaires.

Blakemore Retail

07 March 2018
  • edgelit

Luceco have supplied over 10,000 high efficiency LED LuxPanels to Blakemore Retail stores.

Vinyl Graphics Print Innovation Specialists

28 February 2018
  • LuxBay, Guardian Pro, LuxPanels

Luceco lights print innovation specialists with industrial LED solutions.

Valencia-Cabañal Railway Station

27 February 2018
  • Contour

Luceco's Contour Lights the Way in Valencia

Bristol Fruit Market

26 February 2018
  • Stadium Flood

Luceco has supplied specialist LED floodlighting to Bristol Fruit Market.

Kendal Rugby Union Football Club

23 February 2018
  • luxpanels, circular luxpanels

Luceco has recently supplied LED luminaires for an £11M sports facility, the new home for Kendal Rugby Union Football Club (KRUFC).

Hertfordshire County Council

21 February 2018
  • luxpanel, platinum

Luceco lights up Hertfordshire County Council in partnership with Oakray

Grainger & Worrall

09 August 2017
  • ceres

Luceco LED lights £5m Machining Facility for Grainger & Worrall

Westlands - Yeovil

13 July 2017
  • platinum, climate, luxbay, luxpanel, atom, academy, atlas

Luceco LED lighting performs for Westlands in Yeovil

The Highfield School

24 April 2017
  • square luxpanel, surface modular luxpanels, circular luxpanels, academy, ip65 climate, ip65 atlas bulkhead

Luceco lights £15M facility at Highfield School in Letchworth.

The Cleeve Sports and Arts Centre

05 April 2017
  • luxbay

Luceco has recently supplied LuxBay LED luminaires to sports hall facilities at The Cleeve Sports and Arts Centre in Cheltenham.

York University Sports Facility

04 April 2017
  • luxbay

Luceco has recently supplied LuxBay LED luminaires to brand news sports facilities at York University.

Exmouth Community College

29 March 2017
  • carbon downlights, luxpanels

Luceco has recently supplied an LED lighting solution for new buildings at Exmouth Community College.

Honiton Surgery

29 March 2017
  • luxpanels, platinum downlights, luxpack battens

Luceco has recently supplied an LED lighting solution at Honiton Surgery.

Kuwait International Airport

27 March 2017
  • carbon downlights

Luceco has recently relit the Departures & Arrivals gates, Immigration counters and public areas at Kuwait Internation Airport.

Maplins - Store of the future

27 March 2017
  • luxpanels, climate, platinum downlights, atlas, track lights

Luceco are proud to have recently supplied LED luminaires for the Maplins - Store of the future.

C S Ellis (Group)

24 March 2017
  • high bay, luxpack

Luceco have improved lighting providing a more pleasant environment for occupants of C S Ellis (Group).

Scarborough UTC

24 March 2017
  • luxpanel, climate, atlas, high bay, academy

Luceco lights the way for the pioneers of the future.

Selby Leisure Village

22 March 2017
  • high bay, climate, atom, carbon, atlas

Luceco provided an LED lighting solution to Selby Leisure Village, a £5.7m project recently completed by Selby District Council for Wigan Leisure & Culture Trust.

The Pines Special School

22 March 2017
  • luxpanel, academy

Luceco have supplied a complete LED lighting solution for the new school buildings

Prime Minister's Office, Emirates Towers

04 January 2017
  • platinum

Luceco has recently relit the Prime Minister’s Office in Dubai.

Electrolux México

04 January 2017
  • lamps

Electrolux launched its first vacuum cleaner in 1912 and today sells more than 50 million products to customers in more than 150 markets every year.

Initiatives of change

19 August 2016
  • luxpanel, atom, carbon

Luceco have equipped Initiatives of Change with new LED lighting that hopefully has built a better environment to work in.

William Penn Leisure Centre

19 August 2016
  • luxpanel

Luceco were pleased to have been selected as the lighting supplier of choice for this project at the William Penn Leisure Centre.


04 August 2016
  • highbay

Luceco worked with the facility management team at Al Seer Group to replace conventional metal halide fittings with energy efficient LED luminaires.

Kensington Town Hall

04 August 2016
  • mini globe, climate

Luceco were pleased to have been selected as the lighting supplier of choice for this project at the Kensington Town Hall.

Glorious St Mark’s Church

30 June 2016
  • luxpanel, platinum

Luceco were privileged to have been given the opportunity to light the extensive office spaces of Technology Management’s new premises: St Mark's Church.

Jaguar Land Rover Showroom

16 May 2016
  • luxpanel, climate

Luceco energy efficient LED luminaires enabled energy savings of over 58% to be made in the offices and service stations of Jaguar Land Rover Abu Dhabi.

Dubai Racing Club, UAE

08 May 2016
  • floodlights

Luceco energy efficient LED floodlights have recently been installed at the Dubai Racing Club, providing an energy saving of 65% over the existing luminaires.

Minster Court

01 May 2016
  • luxpanel

Luceco provided an energy efficient office lighting scheme where the luminaires would seamlessly integrate into the ceiling of the iconic Minster Court.

Blue Chip company in Surrey

10 April 2016
  • luxpanel, carbon, atom

Luceco supplied over 1700 LuxPanels, along with Carbon and Atom downlights to the UK Headquarters of a Blue Chip company in Weybridge, Surrey.

Maplin Electronics - High Bay

05 April 2016
  • high bay

Working in parallel with Maplin electronics to realise its ‘Horizon’ refurbishment project, Luceco designs and supplies energy saving luminaires to the group.

Newhaven Academy

30 March 2016
  • luxpanel

Newhaven Academy includes a recently completed new lighting installation using energy saving LED 17W Backlit LuxPanels from Luceco.

Rogers of York

22 March 2016
  • luxpanel, modular downlights

Energy saving LED LuxPanels were installed in the 70,000 square feet Rogers of York home furnishings showroom.

Dubai Properties

16 March 2016
  • carbon

When refurbishment of the Business Bay offices was being planned, Luceco provided Dubai Properties with a lighting solution.

Chapel Court

10 March 2016
  • atlas

Over 100 Atlas luminaires were installed in the communal spaces, corridors and stairwells of the Chapel Court Retirement Apartments.

Central Mall, Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi

05 March 2016
  • indus

The Central Mall will be one of the major shopping destinations in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi. Luceco has successfully supplied an LED lighting solutions package for this prestigious project.

Eltex Manufacturing

03 March 2016
  • luxpanel, academy

Eltex consider innovation and sustainability as the way forward and have recently heavily invested in lighting refurbishment as a key element of their programme.

Jumbo Electronics Company Limited (LLC)

20 February 2016
  • luxpanel, carbon

Luceco were delighted to provide the LED lighting solution for a suite of new Jumbo Electronics offices.

Navigation House - Wakefield & District Housing

15 February 2016
  • luxpanel, carbon

The lighting refurbishment at the Castleford site has made significant savings by replacing traditional fluorescent lighting with LED luminaires.

Hashemite University, Jordan

10 February 2016
  • luxpanel

During a recent lighting refurbishment, Luceco installed a quantity of 3,500 LED LuxPanel luminaires at the Hashemite University in Jordan.

Tata Steel

13 December 2015
  • high bay

Last year, over 1000 High Bay LED luminaires were installed replacing old 400W SON High Bay fittings in many Tata sites across the UK.

Hull College

10 November 2015
  • luxpanel

Chelt Electrical in Hull have recently installed over 600 Edgelit LED LuxPanel luminaires from Luceco throughout Hull College.

Ashfields Primary Care Centre

06 October 2015
  • luxpanel, climate

Part of the centre's ongoing development programme was to address issues faced with the ageing fluorescent lighting - dark corridors and gloomy waiting areas.

Maplin Electronics

24 September 2015
  • luxpanel, spotlights

Working in parallel with Maplin electronics to realise its ‘Horizon’ refurbishment project, Luceco designs and supplies energy saving luminaires to the group.

Hopwood Hall College

10 March 2014
  • luxpanel

Hopwood Hall have become the latest college to install Luceco LuxPanels at their Rochdale campus.

Middlesbrough Football Club

07 January 2014
  • luxpanel

Middlesbrough Football Club can enjoy estimated lifetime savings of over £10,000 thanks to Luceco LuxPanels.

DMG Media

21 November 2013
  • luxpanel

UK newspaper giant and global digital media specialist dmg media welcomed the installation of Luceco LuxPanels into their London headquarters.

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