Switch to LED Flat Panels
10 March 2015
  • lighting

Luceco LuxPanel LED flat panels offer a host of advantages over recessed fluorescent modular luminaries.

LuxPanel LED flat panels are available in both white and silver frames, and square and circular models in range of sizes. By switching to LuxPanels from the fluorescent lighting commonly used in offices and commercial environments, you could benefit from huge savings over the lifetime of the product, reduced CO2 emissions and a higher quality of light for your application.

The power required to produce light through LED lighting solutions is far lower than fluorescent alternatives, and the typical reduction in CO2 emissions with Luceco LuxPanels is over 50%, which provide great savings on energy bills. Replacement lamps are not required, subsequently vastly reducing maintenance expenditure.

LuxPanels do not contain any of the environmentally harmful materials found in fluorescent lighting products, meaning that there are no expensive disposal costs. LED lighting technology also emits a very low level of heat, reducing the workload for air conditioning units.

LED flat panels produce high quality light, with no flicker in a range of temperatures to suit your requirements and ensure employees a comfortable working environment.

LuxPanels are quick and easy to install; the option to suspend or surface mount the panels, and the range of control drivers (fixed output, dimmable, three hour duration emergency and emergency dimmable) provide flexibility for your application.

Luceco is also proud to offer the LuxPanel guarantee, for 5 years when your product is registered online (3 years guarantee as standard) and a one year on-site warranty.

Find out how much you could save by using our online cost savings calculator.

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