LED Funding Schemes
Funding Schemes

Salix provides 100% interest-free capital for the public sector to reduce their energy costs by enabling the installation of modern, energy efficient technologies and replacing dated, inefficient technologies.

Salix enables public sector organisations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to take a lead in tackling climate change by increasing their energy efficiency.

Over 120 technology types are supported by the funding programmes, including LED lighting.

Salix funding includes all public sector organisations across their whole estates, including schools, higher and further educational institutions, emergency services, hospitals, leisure centres, local authorities, prisons and the NHS.

Salix Finance Ltd is an independent, not for profit company funded by The Department for Energy and Climate Change, The Welsh Assembly Government and The Scottish Government.

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Salix Funding History


Helped public sector save £76m annually

Public sector will save £1bn over projects' lifetime


Over 11,000 projects funded

794 public sector bodies funded

£272.8m total project fund

CO2 emissions

Annual CO2 emissions reduced by 438,000 tonnes

Total CO2 emissions reduced by up to 5.8m tonnes

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