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AC (~)

Alternating Current, as found in the mains power supply.

Also commonly called display or highlighting. Accent lighting is typically at a higher intensity to emphasise an object or area. A Ratio of 3:1 versus ambient lighting is recommended for accent lighting to be noticeable.

Ambient Lighting

Alternating Current, as found in the mains power supply.

Ambient Temperature (Ta)

The air temperature surrounding the luminaire or component. LED luminaires are particularly temperature sensitive with excess temperature affecting performance and rated life. See also Junction Temperature.

Ampere (Amp)

The unit for measuring rate of flow of electrical current: Current (Amps) = Power (Watts) / Voltage(Volts).

Asymmetric Light Distribution

Where the distribution of light from a luminaire is not even in one plane. Common in display luminaires such as ‘wall washers’ where light is directed intentionally in one direction.


The ‘swivel’ angle, as used in floodlighting or display lighting designs and installations.

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