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Platform Luceco Wireless Lighting Controls Header

From Conventional to Intelligent

Luceco Platform Wireless Lighting Controls

Luceco Platform transforms existing lighting installations and creates a simple and efficient wireless communication system. Simple operation of the system provides various lighting control options including, dimming, scene-setting, presence, and daylight control, all helping to reduce energy consumption and operating costs, whilst creating a comfortable lit environment.

Designed as a retrofit solution, Platform enables you to update individual offices, corridors, conference rooms or open-plan offices, for example, up to the latest state of digitalisation. Renovating old/traditional lighting systems quickly, cost-efficiently, and easily.

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Why should you choose our ELT service?

Our standalone emergency lighting testing (ELT) solution provides a new level of automation and wireless convenience. Suitable both for dedicated emergency lighting and combined / dual-function emergency luminaires, this low-maintenance testing feature delivers full regulatory compliance and Bluetooth mesh wireless excellence.

  • One solution for all your lighting needs. Our ELT service provides intuitive commissioning tools for scheduling, reporting, and implementing various lighting control strategies, including emergency and standard luminaires in a unified network.
  • Outstanding end-user value. The ELT feature was designed to minimise hardware requirements and provide a seamless commissioning experience. It doesn’t >require a gateway since tests are autonomously executed by the devices themselves.
  • Regulatory compliance. Our emergency lighting testing service is compliant with European emergency lighting regulations, DALI-2 Part 202 specification, and the globally interoperable Bluetooth Mesh standard

Rock-Solid Wireless Technology

Designed specifically to address the challenging requirements of wireless lighting control, Bluetooth mesh is the first low-power communication technology that solves the three pain points of today’s connected lighting systems: reliability, scalability and simplicity. It also democratizes lighting control, allowing manufacturers of all sizes and geographies to join a globally interoperable ecosystem of devices that work with each other out of the box.

Non-Disruptive Installation

You will be surprised how easily you can retrofit your lighting with a complete wireless control solution from Luceco. No need to lay down miles of cables or install massive control boxes. No need to rip the walls open or temporarily shut down your building. In addition, we will provide you with Luceco Platform Commissioning, a set of tools that simplify just everything about the commissioning process. You won’t need a commissioning specialist - you will want to do it by yourself!

Faster ROI

Our wireless control solution delivers savings at every single step of the process. From minimum disruption during the installation to maximum simplicity during the commissioning, you can deploy advanced control strategies with significantly less effort than ever before. Our dedicated monitoring tools will provide a detailed insight into how you lighting system performs, allowing you to generate maintenance savings on top of all the energy savings. And since lighting components with the Luceco Platform Firmware are priced comparably to standard components, the initial capital investment is an order of magnitude lower than in the case of proprietary wireless control systems.

Massive Savings

The Platform wireless lighting control solution from Luceco is designed to support a variety of lighting control strategies. You can mix them, monitor the results, and quickly introduce desired changes to maximize savings. Make sure your luminaires provide light only when and where it’s needed!

Occupancy Sensing Daylight Harvesting Scheduling

Manual Control Task Tuning Energy Management

Efficient Lighting Control
Luceco Platform Desktop App

The Platform Web App is used off site to manage lighting installation projects and plan commissioning, including mapping zones within a building, setting up profiles for zones and managing users collaborating on the project.

  • Floor Plans can be uploaded when creating areas to aid with placing zones in the correct place
  • Collaborators can be added with defined user privileges to assist in the commissioning process
  • Control profiles can be added to zones which are then stored in the cloud in readiness for provisioning devices on site

Lighting Control On-The-Go
Luceco Platform Mobile App

The Platform Mobile App is used on site to add luminaires and sensors to the zones, and to also test the lighting control. The configurations previously created in the Platform Web App is automatically sent to these devices.

  • Switches can be added to the zones with the Mobile App whilst on site
  • Ambient light sensors can be calibrated to enable daylight dimming profiles
  • Static scenes can be fully programmed with personalised output levels for each luminaire in a zone

Intuitive Planning and Commissioning

Even the biggest projects can be realised without special knowledge.

  • Simultaneous on-site commissioning by several installers is possible
  • Predefined lighting control profiles for office applications
  • Easy luminaire localisation and zone assignment via mobile app

Sustainable Investment

Lighting control based on the open qualified Bluetooth mesh radio standard.

  • Protection through three-level safety concept
  • Scalability from individual rooms to complete buildings
  • Network interoperability verified by an independent organisation
  • One tool for small and large projects

Fast and Flexible Installation

Compared to wire-based advanced DALI systems, planning and replacing existing lighting installations is much easier with Platform.

  • Suitable for existing infrastructures regardless of architectural conditions
  • System quickly adaptable to new space usage and conditions
  • No gateway required

Profitable Retrofitting

Platform helps to reduce operating costs by modernizing lighting systems with energy efficient lighting controls.

  • Better payback time than purely switchable lighting solutions
  • Higher energy saving potential due to daylight control and presence detection
  • Flexible adaptation of lighting control to different project requirements
  • Reduced downtime during retrofitting
  • Step-by-step modernisation of the building possible

Luceco Lighting Controls at East Midlands Ambulance Service Call Centre

Luceco has recently lit facilities at Horizon Place for East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EMAS). EMAS provides emergency medical services, urgent care, and patient transport services for 4.8 million people, covering Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire Leicestershire, Rutland, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire.

Phase 1 of the project included the relighting of the Incoming Call Centre, a very busy environment operating 24 /7 and a pivotal element of the services provided by EMAS. The open plan space required eight zones which could be separately controlled providing various levels of illumination to assist with the activities of the call centre and to help promote wellbeing in a setting dealing with emergency situations.

Recessed LuxPanel Extra luminaires were used throughout the installation controlled by Luceco’s wireless lighting control system – Platform. Platform is an innovative controls solution making the planning, configuration, and commissioning of wireless lighting controls accessible to many applications from large open plan commercial environments and warehouse spaces to conference rooms, corridors, and smaller office layouts.

Existing and new installations can be transformed into a flexible wireless controlled infrastructure. Platform sensors were used to provide occupancy and daylight dimming facilities with Platform switches pre-set with scenes for different lux levels depending on the time of day and staff shift arrangements.

Simple operation of the system provides various lighting control options including, dimming, scene setting, presence and daylight control, all helping to reduce energy consumption and operating costs, whilst creating a comfortable lit environment.

Silvair Technology Partners

Reliable and energy-efficient lighting control solution

Silvair, a pioneer in wireless lighting control technology, has announced an exciting strategic partnership with Luceco Lighting for the Luceco Lighting Controls range now featuring Platform wireless, brings unparalleled efficiency and customisation to lighting solutions.Teaming up with Silvair, a leading provider of advanced lighting control technology, ensures sustainable and smart environments, empowering businesses and individuals with intuitive, state-of-the-art solutions. Illuminate your space with confidence and innovation.

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