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Recessed LED lighting ideal for commercial applications
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Wide range of LED Surface & Suspended lighting
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LED Downlights perfect for domestic residential & commercial applications
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Accent lighting range ideal for retail applications
Life-saving emergency escape lighting for all applications
Robust & durable LED lighting range for the toughest applications
Exterior Commercial
Premium LED lighting suitable for wall and column mounting
Exterior Domestic
Wide range of external residential lighting
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Profresional 110V Site and Inspection Lighting
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Range of domestic lamps and light bulbs
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Ancillary Areas
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LLU LuxBay Ultra Warehouse 01 6000x3000 20221111DM
ItemLifetime 100000
PackageWarranty 7
ItemColourTemp 4000
ItemCRI 80
ItemComplianceUKCA True

The Luceco Luxbay ULTRA has been designed and engineered to provide optimal energy consumption, ease of installation, and return on investment. Specially designed lens optics ensure installation points are maximised, whilst achieving all of the relevant UK lighting standards and regulations.

High performance specialist luminaire designed specifcially for high level industrial applications

Aluminium housing and polycarbonate lenses with each lens type specially designed to maximise spacings on install

Number of mounting options to fit all installations including surface mount, suspended and busbar trunking systems

Download Spec. Sheet

Download the Luxbay ULTRA Specification Sheet



Download Brochure

Download the Luxbay ULTRA Brochure



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LED lighting for warehouses

Built to last. Built to perform.

Unrivalled and undeniable power makes Luxbay ULTRA the number one choice for both performance and efficiency.

A luminaire powered by the world-leading supplier of lighting technology Tridonic provides the latest LED chips to offer a peak lumen output of up to 46000 lumens. With average efficacy ranging up to 175Llm/cW, not only is Luxbay ULTRA one of the most powerful industrial lighting series on the market, but it does so whilst keeping your energy costs at a minimum and reducing your carbon footprint.

Each optic option, whether it's low level, high level or racking, can provide a range of lumen outputs and are all available in both standard fixed-output and emergency drivers. With a long-lasting lifetime of more than 100,000 hours per unit, Luxbay ULTRA tackles all of your current and future industrial challenges, all while under a seven year warranty.


Industrial lighting solutions

Choose your illumination

Designed for optimal lighting performance and distribution, whatever the setting.

The Luxbay ULTRA family prioritises balanced light distribution with the use of the latest LED chips and offers a range of specific optics in order to meet your specification needs. A choice of low ceiling, high ceiling and racking optics will ensure optimal coverage in any given industrial application, whether it's to light up wide or narrow areas, whilst always maintaining efficient output levels and keeping your running costs at a minimum.



Easy installation for Super shed lighting solutions

Designed for easy installation

Designed with people in mind, Luxbay ULTRA takes the stress and wasted expense out of installation.

From years of listening to our loyal customer base, we understand the needs of today's industry and have specially purposed Luxbay ULTRA to fit existent busbar trunking systems to help promote cable management, and to minimise cable damage. The sustainable lighting series is wired completely externally so there is no need to open up the housing, making application super-efficient and super-fast.

Luxbay ULTRA is also built to save the installer valuable time on-site, by using the easy-to-wire-in 6-Pole AAG connector, resulting in less strain on the cables. The simplified installation is finished with snap fit mounting brackets to secure each durable luminaire, and make an arduous task, easy.



Wireless Controls

The Luceco Luxbay ULTRA series is compatible for use with a wide range of dimmable and wireless controls,
as well as passive infrared motion sensors when accompanied with our seamless expansion cap,
giving you full lighting control